Buying a car is somewhat similar in nature to buying a home; you spend a lot of hard earned money in buying them and spend a lot of time inside them. It is therefore highly essential that you do your research prior to your purchase.


To guide you in making a judicious decision, here are five different car features that you may have never known existed in the latest cars; features that can improve the security of your car, help in maneuverability and guard against injury to life and property.


Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

It would be great if cars could talk to each other as this would help in avoiding accidents. In the future, they will; and the future is just about here. Ford is in the process of building an intelligent vehicle system that makes use of advanced Wi-Fi technology; it recognises the location of your car and also of other vehicles surrounding it.

The system invariably warns you of a car coming from the opposite direction, when you would like to pass another vehicle or even goes to the extent of alerting you to a car that is about to skip through a red light. It also gives a warning signal in case a vehicle much ahead in the line has stopped short. As of now this technology is available as an option.


Automatic Emergency Braking

The latest in braking technology is the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system that uses sensors to find out if a forward collision is likely. It automatically applies the brakes to soften the impact or even helps in avoiding it entirely.

The auto industry has agreed to make AEB standard in cars by 2022, but many vehicles already have it available today. The system is extremely good, though you shouldn’t rely on it alone to stop you. It is meant as a last resort only.


Sensors that can detect when you’re too tired to drive

It is highly risky to drive continuously for long, particularly during the night; you run the risk of getting into a serious accident. To get around this problem, car companies have developed sensors and systems that program themselves as they learn your pattern of driving. They alert you to pull over to the side and take sufficient rest, when you start driving erratically or swaying around recklessly.


Automatic parallel and perpendicular parking systems

Getting a place to park your car in a metro city or even in an urban surrounding can be a very daunting task. However, companies are now coming up with parking assist applications which find a space and perform a near perfect parallel park maneuver by turning their wheels to an angle of almost 90 degrees without damaging anyone’s bumper. In fact, an app is coming up which will allow the driver to get out of his car and have the vehicle park itself.


Cars that let you see in the dark

Modern motorists have always emphasized upon the fact that night driving causes extreme stress. However, this is something of the past now as some car manufacturers have started using “thermal imaging” systems that identify what’s coming ahead so that you can safely steer around the obstacle.

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