With space being available at a premium, people are no longer making any provisions for garages in homes to park their cars, but prefer to leave them on the roads, just outside their boundary walls.


While this choice may give them additional living space but it does place their favourite vehicles at the mercy of car thieves who are constantly on the prowl. With cars becoming more and more technologically advanced, car thieves are also finding new ways to break through and escape with these marvels. However, there are still some very simple measures you can take to keep your car safe. The following are a few anti-theft devices that work well and can be installed in cars to keep them from being stolen.

  1. The simplest of an anti-theft device is one that prevents the steering from rotating beyond a 30 degree angle – a rod installed by locking on to the steering wheel, keeping one side longer and the other side shorter. This can be done horizontally or even vertically. This lock is visible from the outside; hence, a thief would normally not waste his time but simply move on in search of another prospective target.
  2. A variety of gear locks are available in the market which are very difficult to break or open; without smashing the window pane first. This obviously will draw the attention of viewers or passersby. As a car thief would not be able to shift gears he would prefer to go car hunting elsewhere.
  3. There are anti-theft electronic systems known as ICAT – an Intelligent Computerised Device that is almost a fail-proof anti-theft item. The key consists of a chip with a sensor. When a button is pressed, the sensor installed in the car is activated and only then the car can be started. The system is such that even if a counterfeit key is inserted or someone tries to fiddle with it, the car signals a blaring alarm.
  4. Installing a combination of several kill switches (with variable flipping codes) that stop the fuel pump from starting is another great anti-theft device.
  5. Sometimes, your common sense can be a great foil for car thieves. If you need to park your car for a short duration, look for parking lots with valid tickets. These areas are usually under surveillance. In case you have to park under the shade of trees, do so where other people would also be taking shelter and the car would be in view of all. Never leave the ignition ON or leave the key in its slot, however short your parking time is.


After all, your car is one of your most precious assets. Make sure that you take good care of it and keep it safe.

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