As a 90’s kid, life was completely stress free. We had less worries and a whole lot of fun. Playing outdoors, friendships, food, traffic, everything was so much simple, yet it always made us happy. Here are some of the most awesome memories of the Golden Generation. 



  1. You could almost buy anything with this.
    2 Rupee Note
  2. Before Tinder was around, you matched people like this.
  3. Your parents bribed you with this to score higher in exams.Media Game
  4. Thanks to the no caller ID phones, prank calling your friends was so much fun.
    Lanline Phone
  5. After a tiring day of cricket in summers, this was pure bliss…
  6. TGIS – Thank God Its Sunday. Because Sundays had our favourite cartoons on TV.
  7. The entire family knew how to adjust perfectly.
  8. You stash of music, games and naughtiness was all secretly hidden inside.
    Your secret stash of naughtiness
  9. You think Shahrukh’s TV serials Fauji and Circus were far better than his current movies.
  10. Summer Holidays had to include a trip to this magical place.
  11. This was the only channel you could surf. And your remote had only a few buttons.
  12. You were a pro at cricket if you had these…
  13. You and dad would go head to head for hours while playing Carom.
    carrom board
  14. Your very own version of DC and Marvel.
    chacha choudhary
  15. Your treasure chest to impress your friends. And you definitely had a Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Bryan Adams,
    Celine Dion or even Lucky Ali somewhere in there.
  16. Your faithful companion to school.
  17. Ads weren’t that annoying. And this was the most evil guy on TV.
  18. You spent hours trying to break into one of these to see what secret things your parents stored in there.
  19. You were welcomed by this funny tasting drink, every time you visited someone’s house.
  20. You would evade your fear of heights, just to fix this. Especially, during cricket matches.
  21. Gmail in the 90s.
    inland_letter_india 1805_Post_Box
  22. Fast and the Furious 90’s edition.
  23. WWF Trump cards were the coolest game to play.
    WWE Trump Cards
  24. When you would be chilling like a villain.
  25. Some of your fondest memories happened in here.
    ac compartment
  26. There was nothing tastier than this.
  27. Draw 4 was the most sinister thing to pull off on someone.
  28. Friendships were broken over this game.
    Business Game
  29. Your first cricket bat.
  30. We all had another member in our family.

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