Have you always wondered why buying a pre-owned car is the right choice for you? Well, we are here to help you out. There’s not one, not ten but thirteen reasons why you don’t even need to give it a second thought. Here we go…

1. Cabs and rickshaws cancel on you

We feel for you. It hurts, specially our ego. Even worse, the cabs make you wait for 15 minutes only to cancel it later. “Sir wahan se khaali aana padta hain na.” Familiar words, no? Instead of imagining a utopian era where all of this will not happen to you at all, why not just buy your own car? Wait, move on to the next point because we know what you might just say.

2. “Paise nahi hain”

Exactly why it makes a lot of financial sense to invest in a pre-owned car instead. But what if the parts of the car just fall apart the next day? Ha-ha! Do not worry! It is our job to pick the best of the lot for you. And to top it all, we have our 7-day money back guarantee. 

3. Dad no permit you to drive his car

Oops! Too much trouble to find a new excuse daily? Instead of using your persuasive skills on your dad to fetch his car, surprise him with your newly-bought independence. 😛 Your car, your rules! B:) Hey listen, all this is only applicable if you have a valid driving license, ok?

4. Last-minute trips

Are you that adventurous lad who loves to make spontaneous plans? Trapped between friends who would not go through the hassle of planning it out? Cab, hotel, bookings, uff! Well, at least you can have one hurdle out of the way. We promise if you have your own car, most of your plans would pan out. You will finally be able to visit Goa now 😛

5. You get bored of cars easily

You love to drive cars and have a deep rooted desire to buy a fancy model, ride her for a few years and then buy another one. You don’t want to stick to the same old car for your life, right? I guess, unless you are one of the Ambanis or Tatas or Oberois, your dream would make a hole in your pockets UNLESS … you buy pre-owned cars 😛

6. For your date(s)

Pretty self-explanatory, we guess. We don’t need to tell you the advantages of having your own car while going out on a date with your partner. This will not only be convenient and give you the privacy but also save the world from *cough* PDA *cough*. Just kidding!

7. Safety

Every driver feels the safest when he/she drives instead of sitting beside another one. Trust us, its psychological. Also, almost every car owner would prefer driving his/her car instead of letting you. Basically having your own car hands over the console of your life in your hands.

8. Travel expenses

We would always encourage you to use the mode of public transport, but we understand that it is not always feasible. And the Uber rides, taxis and outstation rentals would only be cheaper in the short run. Our advice for you is to buy a pre-owned car for a longer term instead. Lower expenses, higher convenience 🙂

9. Weekend Getaways

If you are the one who seeks a weekend getaway every Friday, start saving up to buy yourself a permanent ride to get you away from the regular hustle-bustle of the city.

10. Ghar chodhke bhagna hai

Having a car is like having a small mobile home to yourself. You can store your stuff, travel anywhere and even sleep inside. So if you need to spend a couple of nights outside your home, just chill. We have got you covered 😉

11. Late night drives for some me-time

 Don’t you want to drive with no destination in mind, listening to your favorite playlist? 

12. Your boss makes you travel to different sites daily

Awww! Got a mail from your boss late night to visit the client early in the morning? Has it been happening too frequently? Told you, owning a car always helps.

13. Status symbol

We all know that owning a car is a matter of pride, and us humans are judgemental, right? Most of us, (not all, but most!) have high regard for people with fancy stuff, and a car is for sure one of the “fancier” ones. So go get one! 😀

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