Most Indian cities experience mega traffic congestion problems on a daily basis. The traffic jams also lead to a variety of health, economic and environmental issues. But you can easily drive your car safely in heavy traffic by remembering some simple tips.


1) Plan Your Driving Time

Try avoiding rush hours. The rush hours normally differ from one city to another. You must make it a practice to leave 15 minutes before the rush hour starts and 15 minutes after the rush hour ends to avoid traffic chaos.


2) Remove All Distractions

While driving in heavy traffic, you have to focus on many things to avoid accidents. That is why; you must turn the music system and cell phones off to pay attention on driving. Likewise, you can request other passengers to remain quiet till the traffic has normalized.


3) Drive Slowly

Avoiding heavy traffic problems can be easier if you drive the car at a pace slower than the moving traffic. The reduced speed will cause minimal damage to your car in case it collides with another vehicle. However, you must not reduce the driving speed significantly lest other drivers feel uncomfortable.


4)  Drive Defensively

In addition to reducing driving speed, you also need to drive defensively in heavy traffic to respond to emergency situations promptly. In addition to monitoring the road conditions and traffic flow, you must look for unsafe vehicles, check signal before making a turn, and maintain adequate distance between your car and other vehicles.


5) Monitor the Heavy Traffic Ahead

You must assess the heavy traffic from a distance when the road ahead is crowded. Based on the traffic, you need to reduce the driving speed using brakes. The slower speed will help you save gas and avoid potential accidents.


6) Maintain a Safe Distance

You can easily eliminate chances of rear end collision by maintaining a safe distance between your car and the vehicles ahead. It is a good idea to maintain a distance of at least three seconds between your car and other vehicle to avoid frequent braking and keep your vehicle safe.

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7) Activate Blinkers

You must use blinkers to avoid chances of accidents while driving on crowded roads. The blinkers must be used while changing lanes or merging with the traffic. However, it is also important to keep in mind the local rules while activating blinkers at the time of changing or merging.


8) Communicate Driving Intentions Clearly

While driving on congested roads, you must communicate your driving intentions clearly to other drivers using lights and indicators. You can increase your car’s visibility and convey potential problems to other drivers simply by flashing the lights. The communication will help other drivers to plan their driving style and avoid collisions.


9)  Keep Emergency Manoeuvres Ready

Despite exercising adequate care and caution, you might be required to protect your car from accidents caused due to bad decisions made by impatient drivers. That is why; you must be prepared for emergency situations, and identify the places where you can direct the vehicle in case of an emergency. You can easily find the right place by scanning the traffic consistently.


10) Stay Calm and Focused

There are always chances that you may lack the experience required to drive the car smoothly in heavy traffic. In such a scenario, you must explore ways to exit the crowded road. Also, you must take a break and stop driving till the traffic becomes lighter.


You can always use web applications and mobile apps to gather traffic information in detail before starting the trip. The information will help you to avoid heavy traffic and congested roads. Also, you can take advantage of GPS to find an alternate route where the traffic is lighter.

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