After your home, your car is probably the second most expensive purchase you would ever make. Using, maintaining and repairing the car accounts for a significant amount of the household expenses every month.


Since keeping the car maintained is cheaper than getting it repaired, a single warning, be it an unexpected breakdown or a simple oil change, can make you run to the garage or call a mechanic.


However, lack of time or research might lead to you getting duped by your mechanic, with you being billed a huge amount for what you thought was a minor issue. Here are our expert’s tips on how to stay aware and avoid getting ripped off by your mechanic service centre.

  1. Getting referral from friends and relatives about a genuine mechanic is the best way to get a trusted one. The best people rely on word-of-mouth advertising. And they always have a proper clientele service record and value for money service.
  2. Making time to learn basics about the components of your car and its mechanism is necessary. The more one knows, the lesser the probability of getting ripped off.
  3. Using diagnostic tool provided by the car, the simpler problems can be detected and fixed. Checking the displays and comparing them with the manual will help in finding the depth of the issue.
  4. Identifying the reason before taking car to the mechanic and gathering as much information as possible is a wise decision. Knowing all the symptoms will help in figuring out the real problem and prevent unnecessary repairs. Writing down those details will help you check whether everything was fixed.
  5. Use the same place for your repairs. Over the years, you will build up trust and he will also understand your car better.
  6. Asking questions helps in knowing why the mechanic wants to make the repairs he points out, the exact price he is quoting and the labour charge. Note the estimates to prevent unnecessary increases in the charges later on and also any extra servicing done.
  7. If the mechanic suggests to replace parts, ask for the old ones back, as that is the only way to know the work is actually done.
  8. Be armed with information about the car, its parts, the problem, tentative cost etc before visiting the mechanic. Consult other drivers, internet forums etc.
  9. Be crisp and provide complete information while talking to the mechanic. Be and sound knowledgeable. If you are unsure, take along someone who knows what the mechanic will likely talk about.
  10. If the price of a replacement seems to be unreasonable, consult the dealer and find out the actual price.
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