Planning for a long road trip really gets the adrenaline flowing. Whether it is a road trip between two famous destinations like Visakhapatnam-Araku valley, Shimla-Manali, Chennai-Pondicherry; or just to visit relatives and friends – excitement is always at the highest level.


But before you embark on that delightful trip, make sure you do some smart planning and stock essential items so that there are no hiccups during the trip.


 Some of these essential items are listed below:


GPS/Navigation system

Most of the new age cars are equipped with a navigation system to ease driving through unfamiliar territories. However, one cannot totally depend on the unpredictable network coverage which may hinder the services of online maps. It is advisable to carry a physical map and consult with the locals for any assistance with the route.


First aid kit

Travelling with family or friends calls for preparing for any contingencies en-route. Pack basic medicines, bandage and antiseptics to address your needs while driving.


Food and water

Long road trips, especially with kids can be made refreshing by carrying a good supply of packed, non-messy food that is easy to consume. Also, it saves one from the dependency on restaurants or lack of it during the course of mealtimes. Always store enough packed water in your car to prevent dehydration.


Pillows and blankets

Pack pillows and blankets to soothe your travel companions and make the car cosy. A long journey can be less arduous by paying attention to everyone’s comfort, while away from home.


Car charger

Since you are on a long journey, your smartphone, tablets and other entertainment devices will run out of battery in a few hours. A car charger would come in handy and provide uninterrupted entertainment while on the move, to beat the monotony of driving.


Spare set of keys

It may appear inessential until you are actually faced with a crisis upon realising that you have misplaced or forgotten your car keys. It is prudent to carry a spare one to save you from such an unforeseen situation.


Spare tyre

Ensure that your spare tyre is in perfect condition before going on a long road trip. Should your tyre go flat in a desolate location on the highway, with no mechanical assistance in the vicinity, you can fix it with minimal anxiety.


Tool Kit

A basic tool kit in your car is handy for small repairs. If the need arises, you can temporarily fix some generic problems till you drive to the nearest mechanic for further assistance.



A flashlight with fresh batteries should be a part of your essential emergency kit for any roadside exigency.



There is an imminent possibility of car sickness, especially while driving through the mountains. Paper towels, garbage bags, a box of tissues and hand sanitizers can be handy to keep yourself and the car clean, and simply cannot be neglected on long road trips.


A journey comprises of pleasant memories that are cherished for a lifetime. A Certain amount of planning will ensure the happiness, safety and comfort of a carload of travellers on a long road trip.

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