The concept of self-driving cars, introduced as an ‘impossible future’ in the 90s cartoon “Jetsons” has been turned into reality by Google and Tesla. The idea, now a reality in some parts of the world, is apparently not going to be allowed on the Indian roads, as per Mr Nitin Gadkari. However, even if driverless cars were allowed on Indian roads, we are pretty sure that they would not be a workable solution. Here are 10 reasons why Indian roads and driverless cars spell a bad marriage!

  1. Navigation – The driverless cars depend on the technology of GPS, lasers and cameras. We both know how GPS works around in India. Kudos to the experiences we have had when travelling in a cab!!
  2. Signal jumping – For some Indians, a green signal means go, a yellow means go faster and a red means zoom!! The Indian roads are rampant with signal jumping because we Indians are naturally creative. We see and understand everything from our point of view regardless of the rules.
  3. Over speeding/Overtaking – Indians may or may not be good at speeding through an F1 track, but we sure know how to speed up on a 60kmph road and how to manoeuvre our ways to overtake the car ahead. We aren’t called Jugaadu for no reason!!
  4. The animals – India is an animal loving country. Stray animals can wilfully roam, sleep or just stand in the middle of the road. After all, this is how we teach our children C for cows and D for Dogs!!
  5. The roads –Indian roads are where kids have puddle jumping competitions and uncovered manholes are covered with green leaves. We also add our own speed breakers just because we think it is required. You see, it is our own version of a real-life hurdle race!
  6. Drainage – It is very important for us to first provide roads for and think about the drainage system a few years later. Our roads are similar to a swimming pool during rains. But that is just the government’s way of giving an excuse to take off from work 😉
  7. Parking – Autonomous cars, being the little miss goody shoes they are, only look for authorized parking zones. Which you know is as easy as finding God!
  8. Walk Away – Subways are meant to be the place where the homeless sleep. It is just more convenient to cross a road when the signal is green and the cars are passing by. Am I right or am I right?
  9. The thrill and the coolness – Most of us like to go on long drives because we enjoy the thrill of speeding on highways. Have a car of your own! You need to drive like a maniac if you want to be perceived as ‘cool’. But alas, driverless cars have a character similar to Bajrangi bhaijaan. They are all rules and no fun!!
  10. Hacking – Indian streets are not safe not only for woman but for cars too!! With geniuses like hackers and robbers, the car can be stolen in the blink of an eye!


With so many reasons for driverless cars not to come to India, Mr Gadkari sure does not have to worry about unemployment being the sole reason for banning driverless cars!

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