Car manufacturers’ today love to adorn their new vehicles with exclusive features and conveniences to tempt customers.


But these features may not necessarily be of much use to you. It can be helpful to know about these features and ignore them if required.

  1. Keyless Push Button Start

While it looks cool and has made its way into most of B-segment hatchbacks, it doesn’t really add much to the functionality of a car. Even though most manufacturers market it as a must-have feature and reserve it for only the top-end trims of a car, there is not much reason for it to exist. Pushing a button and turning the key require almost the same amount of time and energy. So, even if it looks like a cool feature to have, it’s not really worth the hype surrounding it.

  1. Automatic wipers

As the name suggests, these are wipers that start automatically. These wipers use sensors to detect wetness on the windshield which turns them on automatically. It doesn’t require more than a flick of the finger to start or stop wipers. However, a big drawback of these wipers is that sometimes even a small splash of water on the windscreen can set off the wipers, which can start to get very annoying.

  1. Voice Commands

Voice commands are advertised as a very useful and time-saving feature. Ideally, using voice commands to do something instead of doing it yourself should save you a bit of time. However, practically, this requires the system to accurately understand and interpret your commands. There is no guarantee that your commands will be understood at the first try, especially on a road with all manners of noises surrounding you, and you may be required to repeat yourself over and over again, thus wasting your time instead of saving it.

  1. Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are the sensors that tell you when an object is too close to your car. They’re great when you want to know if something poses the danger of bumping into your car. However, in a country like India, overcrowded roads at every turn would set off the proximity sensor. Therefore, it is a totally ignorable feature if you’re looking to drive a car in this country.

  1. Faux Roof Rails

Bluntly put, there is no point to these purely cosmetic car accessories. These are added to make the car look stronger than it actually is, and most SUVs come with this feature already built in. The only purpose it serves is to enhance the looks, and they aren’t cheap either, so it’s totally okay to skip this feature.

  1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the light inside the car, along the bottom or sides of the interior of the car. While it looks cool, it can hardly be seen from anyone outside the car, not to mention that the various lights can also distract the driver and can be potentially dangerous.

  1. Sunroof

The sunroof is a small hole in the car roof that you can just about poke your head through. Especially for a country like India, where the sun beats down on our heads hard almost all year round, it’s impossible to open the sunroof only to be burnt by the sun. Not to mention that the pollution levels are such that it is recommended that you keep all the windows and sunroofs shut and keep the AC on.

  1. Beige Interiors

A baffling hype these days, most cars these days come with beige interiors. Yes, they look classy and bright without looking overbearing, but for functionality and practicality’s sake, dark interiors should always be preferred. Beige interiors get soiled and dirty and covered in dust very easily and require regular cleaning and maintenance, resulting in more efforts as well as more money spend on maintaining it.

  1. Automatic Headlamps

An automatic headlamp, like the name suggests, lights up whenever the sensor senses darkness so that the driver doesn’t have to do it himself. Much like the automatic wipers, these are also pretty useless. Turning headlights on only requires a flick of the finger, and it’s pretty easy to know when to turn it on, because the driver can also see when it gets too dark to see and thus turns on the headlights himself.

  1. Touch sensitive AC controls

Yes, we live in the generation where touch screens are prevalent on every surface available. Touch sensitive AC controls however, were not required to join this trend. When a driver is driving, he can determine which button to press by sense of touch alone, and he never has to take his eyes off the road. Having a touchscreen actually hinders him from focusing solely on the road because he has to look at what he is pressing.

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