The cars of today come with highly advanced technologies, and the new-age feature-rich cars’ integration with android and iOS devices is like a bonus for gizmo lovers. For car lovers across the world, here is a handy list of the top 10 apps for cars.


  1. Google Maps (Android & iOS) – The most used app in the world is also the simplest one and free to use. Crowd-sourced real-time data gives you multiple routes for going from one place to another. Recently Google Maps has also tied up with car aggregators like Uber, OLA, etc to offer you special deals on taxi rides.


  1. The TomTom GO (Android & iOS)– A perfect mix of the car navigation technology of Tom Tom with real-time traffic details. TomTom helps you find the best route leading to your destination. With 3D Maps, speed camera alerts and other features, TomTom makes your ride a lot easier and more enjoyable.


  1. Carcorder (iOS) – Carcorder is an app designed to serve like a dashcam and record your car drive footage which can be crucial in case you meet with an accident or have a mishap. It comes integrated with GPS, video recording and high speed warning.


  1. iOnRoad (Android & iOS)



iOnRoad works with your phone GPS and camera to detect and display how fast you are moving ahead to a forward collision through a color coding graph. Ensuring your safety.


  1. Dashdroid (Android) – It is the cheapest and one of the most popular free apps that lets you use the phone for multiple things like maps, checking traffic, changing the music on Spotify or radio, calling your friends/family, texting or messaging them even while driving etc.


  1. Hudway/Night Hud (iOS, Android) – A simple heads-up display that converts your phone into a display for your car, this speed-display and warning app is useful when you don’t want to take your eyes off the road to glance at your speedometer. The apps can also give you direction, speed settings, warnings, etc.


  1. Automatic (Android & iOS) – All this app needs is a plug-in car adapter to transform your vehicle into a more digital connected one. With Automatic, you can do everything starting from GPS, mileage, crash alert, audio/video streaming, Bluetooth sync, web dashboard to checking engine status, fuel alert, etc.


  1. AroundMe (Android and iOS) – No matter whether it is a restaurant, bank, theatre or anything else that you are desperately looking for around, this application helps you out with a list of options.


  1. FindMyCar (Android & iOS) –  The ultimate boon for those who forget where they parked their car, this app uses GPS to store the location of where you parked the car and where you are, and then gives you directions to reach your car, with a single click.


  1. Drivvo (Android & iOS) –



An app for managing your car, Drivvo lets you track your fuel consumption, service history, repair history, odometer reading etc. It is like an accountant for your car, managing its expenses.


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