Get, Set and Go – The 2018 Datsun redi-GO 1.0 AMT


For those of us driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic every day in our manual transmission cars, old age comes early. Knee pain, leg pain, back pain… it all comes long before it should. And hence, time to rejoice for die-hard Datsun fans… the redi-GO AMT is here, providing a cheaper alternative to fully automatic transmission cars.

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Top honours at Times Auto Awards 2018

auto show 1

The 10th edition of the Times Auto Awards was held recently in partnership with Evo India and Fast Bikes India. Every year, the awards are given away to the most deserving among the luxury car makers and mass producers. This year, the award show was marked by the presence of distinguished corporate leaders and personalities who felicitated the technological marvels of the automobile industry in 2017.

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The New Lexus NX 300h: A Hybrid Lifestyle

lexus 1

Japan’s largest selling brand of premium cars, Lexus, showcased its newest entry into the hybrid automobile market in India, in November 2017. Branded as the Lexus NX 300h, this angularly styled SUV is the smallest model made by Lexus in its class, allowing it to be attractively priced for the consumers as well. Displayed for the first time at the Shanghai motor show early this year, the NX 300h comes with a host of attractive features, both in terms of its interiors as well as exteriors.

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Car Cravings: Time to Buy or Not to Buy?

car buy

The automobile market has been booming! Millions of cars are sold across the world in a single year and the automobile industry, in Europe and otherwise, has seen a splendid recovery. While there is no right time to buy an automobile, there are certainly times that are economically more beneficial than others. And to be able to buy an automobile, bet it new or used, at the lowest possible prices, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

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The Wait Ends Soon – Volvo XC 40


Inspired by architecture, art and culture and challenging the ground rules in the incredibly competitive SUV segment, the Volvo XC40 is ready to conquer the Indian and International market in the next few months. Already branded as the family SUV of the year, it combines comfort, quality, performance, safety and style – excelling in all the areas that are important to buyers in this segment. The price tag of approximately Rs 35 lakhs for the Indian market makes it the most affordable and smallest XC model in the Swedish carmaker’s line-up and a tough competition for the likes of Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Jaguar E Pace.

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Budget 2018: What’s in it for the Auto Industry?


The word ‘budget’ has its etymology in the French word ‘bougette’ or bouge, meaning a ‘leather bag’. This comes from the mid-18th century, where the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in presenting his annual statement, would open his leather bag and present the same. Thus ‘opening the bag’ or in this case ‘opening the budget’ came into regular parlance and budget started implying the presentation of the statement of accounts for the coming year. Unfortunately in the opening of the briefcase or the budget by Mr Arun Jaitley, nothing celebratory came out of the bag this year. Contrary to the expectation, neither did the GST rate get cut at the luxury end of the spectrum nor did the new technology end (no mention of the electric car policy) get a boost. Let’s take a detailed look the tabled budget.

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The history of self-driving cars

slef 3

The concept of self-driving or autonomous cars has gained momentum in the last decade. However, it seems that the idea of designing a vehicle that was capable of navigating itself without human input was conceived way back in the Middle Ages. Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches of the self-propelled cart was designed to be powered by coiled springs with programmable steering and braking capabilities. Obviously since then, technology has advanced greatly.

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Turtle Door Cars with the Acceleration of a Cheetah


Nothing feels more supercar-like than a car having scissor doors. Scissor doors are also known as Turtle Doors due to their appearance. They open by rotating vertically on a fixed hinge at the front. These are also called Lamborghini doors as it was Lamborghini that acquired the trademark by being the first automotive company to release a production car with such technology. While most Turtle Doors rotate 90 degrees, there are some that rotate up to 130 degrees. Lamborghini doors have been glamorized chiefly due to the extensive use of Lamborghini cars in pop culture. Who can forget the famous car sequence in Fast and Furious 8, wherein Roman Pierce while driving a Lamborghini gave the door an independent role or the song on Lamborghini Doors, of the same name, by Rick Ross?

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5 Made-In-India Cars to be Proud of


Beginning with Mahindra and Mahindra in the mid-‘40s,the home-grown car industry has been in a continuous effort to launch cost-effective and world-class vehicles that will attract Indians and impress the world, ensuring sustainable growth rate in the market. Promising to be the largest car manufacturing and automobile hub across the globe and conquering new markets, there are some Indian car brands that need special mention for having successfully carved out a niche for themselves. Here’s Truebil saluting some #MadeInIndia cars that we should be proud of:

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Car Automation – Index and Scope

auto 1

India is a country of a billion plus people with a huge number of cars on the road. According to a report, our country holds a grave third place in the list of countries that have the maximum number of deaths in a road accident. Many doyens in the field of automobiles believe that autonomous cars or IoT cars are the key to bring this number down drastically as it is obvious that human errors do not happen when the machines take over the task of driving.

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