7 reasons buying a pre-owned car makes more sense

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The thought of buying a car is a real turn on for most. You might spend days and weeks poring over newspaper ads, websites and automotive magazines in your quest for the best car for your money. As many experts will tell you though, but most of the time, opting for a pre-owned car is a much more intelligent decision. Read More

Four best road trips in India

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Are you a passionate traveller smitten by a wanderlust for adventurous trips? Staying behind the wheels and exploring new places gives you an adrenaline rush? Well, if your idea of an ideal vacation is driving for hours and drowning yourself in the pursuit of scenic beauty, then it’s time to pack your bags and step on the accelerator. Read More

Car ads that have defied imagination


How many times have you been convinced by a product’s advertising to buy it? Perhaps too many times to count. And it is always the ads which touch your hearts or send the message in a simple but completely innovative way, that remain in your memory forever. Read More

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