Identifying hidden costs while buying a refurbished car


More often than not, used car buyers are quite particular about the price of the car they have chosen, as they already have a pre-decided budget for the car in their mind. In this scenario, it’s important to realize that the overall cost of owning a refurbished car can be much higher than the price quoted. There are many a hidden cost involved in the purchase of a refurbished car. Here’s a sneak peek at some of these costs.


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Top 5 Cars in the Resale Market

Honda City

One of the biggest automotive markets in the world, India is also, ironically, one of the most value-conscious ones. The average Indian car buyer wants to buy the best possible value for his money, especially when it comes to consumer durables and automotive. Hence, the resale market in India is huge, with a large demand for certified pre-owned cars. While the list of popular cars is seemingly unending, here is a definitive guide to the top 5 cars in the resale market in the country.

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A Lethal Scorpion: MK IV Coming to India

Scorpion MK IV

The off-roader community of India, currently populated mostly by owners of SUVs, is agog with excitement.  Scorpion MK IV, often labelled the “Most Lethal Vehicle” will soon be launched in India, thanks to IronScorpion HMV Pvt. Ltd., a Joint Venture between Preferred Chassis Fabrication and Sarbloh Motors of India.

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7 Factors That Influence the Price of a Used Car

Ambassador Car

How many of us think about the future resale value when using our car? While we might think about the resale value when buying the car, it is the last thing on our minds while actually driving it. Hence, when the time comes to replace our old car with a new one, the resale price most often is a huge disappointment.

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Will GST Impact the Indian Automotive Sector Directly?


The long awaited GST rollout is now finally likely by July 2017. With the Government keen on introducing the Bill in the second half of the current budget session in Lok Sabha, the Indian automotive sector is eagerly awaiting to rev up and reclaim its position as the third-largest auto market in the world. Having negotiated some tough roadblocks and speed breakers brought by demonetization and its after-effects, the sector is ready for the next step – the GST. So will GST impact the sector?  And how?

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7 Tips to Keep Your Engine Running Smooth


Once you have bought that car of your dreams, you will definitely want to keep the car’s ‘look and feel’ good for a longer period of time. While the ‘look’ part can be easily taken care of by regular cleaning, the ‘feel’ part can be made easy too, with these super-simple tips to keep your engine running smoothly.

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Racing and India: Breaking the Jinx


In a country that is obsessed with F1, unfortunately automobile racing has since long been associated with a single name – Narain Karthikeyan. Along with being a former Formula Asia Champion, Karthikeyan is also the only player from India who has participated in F1. In spite of being hugely popular as a spectator sport, automobile racing has not really seen much participation in the country. It is treated more as a sport to watch rather than something to be seriously competitive about. Read on to understand why India is not actively involved in this adrenaline-thumping sport.

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Budget 2017’s Impact on Automotive Sector


The Indian automotive sector was expecting Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to announce a series of steps in Union Budget 2017-18 to boost sale of new and used cars over next few months, especially considering the impact of demonetization on the sector. Some big ticket announcements like reduction in indirect tax rates, reduction in excise duty on importing components, and exemption on local research and development were almost a certainty.

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Turn Your Old Car into New with These Tips


Buying a car is an expensive proposition; but unfortunately, even a brand new car loses about 20% of its purchase value the moment it steps out of the dealership. Hence, even though you might want to drive a new car every couple of years, it may not be financially feasible.

What is feasible, however, is turning your old car into a brand new car every few years. Here are our expert tips on how to drive a ‘new old’ car.

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7 Upcoming SUVs in 2017


Over the last few years, the Indian car market has been largely impacted by Indians’ love for SUVs. Stuck to the same old models for a long time, car lovers were fascinated by the onslaught of new models. With most auto giants having announced their plans for big launches, 2017 is going to be a bumper year for all these SUV enthusiasts.

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