The Growing Charm of Automatic Cars


When buying a car, one of the most important questions is the type of transmission. In the past, this meant choosing one of the two types: a manual transmission or an automatic. An automatic meant no ‘pressing the clutch and changing the gear’, and a much higher price.

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Choosing the best insurance for your car


Auto insurance, besides being legally mandated in India, is also a dire need, especially when you see the condition of Indian roads and the skills of the average Indian driver. Potholed roads, lack of respect for traffic rules, and drunk driving. Before you know it, your beloved car can get damaged beyond repairs. A car insurance can protect you from any financial loss you might incur for damages to your car. A car insurance also provides cover from theft, fire or natural calamities.

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Tata Nexon: Is this the car for your next adventure?


Home-grown car manufacturer Tata Motors is all set to take a leap into compact SUV segment with its all new Nexon, speculated to hit the showroom in October this year. To stand out from the clutter, Tata has designed the car with several convenience functions, comfort features and high-end safety options. The design philosophy on Nexon is obviously different when compared to others Tata cars that have been launched in the past years.

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Selling a Financed Car? Things you need to know


So you have spotted a luxury model on the used car marketplace which fits your budget? And it was love at first sight? Now your problem is that you need to dispose the old car before you can get the new one into your home. An even bigger problem is that your old car is a financed one. And selling a financed car is not easy as you have to keep 3 parties happy: your lender, your buyer and you.  But there is a solution for everything. So, Let’s find out the process involved in selling a financed car.

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Rare Cars That You don’t Know Existed


According to the Indian Express, “The income tax data collated shows only 48,417 persons reporting income of more than Rs 1 crore in a year. Yet luxury brands like BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and Maserati sell almost 35,000 cars every year.” This shows that expensive cars have become a common sight on the roads, and you can no longer fascinate onlookers by opting for well-known luxury automobile brands. However, you can always make heads turn if you drive or ride in a car of a rare make. Here are some models that can certainly make you the cynosure of all eyes.

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The All-Terrain Jeep Compass is here

compass 1

Affordable, comfortable and stylish – these are words that do not often go together! Specially when you are talking about SUVs. The Jeep Compass is here to change that perception forever – if you want an affordable as well as a comfortable SUV that can seamlessly handle rough terrain and dirt roads, then Jeep Compass is the vehicle for you!

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Getting a Driver’s License in India – As easy as it sounds?


Although there is plenty of public transport available along with privately operated cabs for your daily commuting needs, it can be a lot more convenient to have your own private vehicle. Besides giving you much desired independence, your own car or bike can also be the fulfillment of a coveted dream. However, to be able to drive your vehicle on the roads, it is mandatory to have a driver’s license (DL) first. But how easy is it to get a DL in India? Let’s find out.

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Skoda Kodiaq: All set to dominate the Indian roads


A recent study of the Indian automobile market shows a distinct shift towards SUVs, with the domestic consumer decidedly preferring size-for-price vehicles. Thus, it is natural for car manufacturers to unleash more SUVs into the market, with the latest one in line being Kodiaq from the Czech manufacturer Skoda Auto. Expected to be launched in early October this year in the Indian market, Skoda Kodiaq will make use of Volkswagen’s MQB platform, and will thus be similar to the Volkswagen Tiguan, scheduled for a May release.

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