The Curious Case of Concept Cars


There was a time when a sleek aerodynamically efficient design and an advanced engine would be enough to draw gasps of wonder from auto lovers. Well, not anymore! The idea of a concept car has moved far beyond cosmetic modifications to larger issues of saving the environment as well as a personal connect.

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The Flying Car – PAL-V


The subject of many childhood fantasies, flying cars do not belong to dreams anymore. A seemingly impossible concept is now close to reality, thanks to the marvels of Science. The Dutch company PAL-V International, set up in 2001 to create an aircraft that could also be driven on the roads, has announced the launch of its flying car – The PAL-V.

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On the Verge of Extinction: Small Diesel Cars


According to KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017, “More than every second executive believes that diesel will be the first traditional powertrain technology to vanish from manufacturers’ portfolios. This is quite alarming for several manufacturers and regions considering their expected diesel penetration rates for 2023, such as Indian manufacturers with an overall diesel share of more than 60%.

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Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums


As a car owner, you will have to protect your vehicle from possible disasters like road accidents, theft and injury claims with a suitable car insurance policy. While the necessity of car insurance to meet your vehicle’s liability coverage can’t be denied, you should at least try to lower its premium rate as much as possible, without compromising on the coverage. Here is a quick expert-look at the crucial factors that can affect your car insurance premiums for good or bad.

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Top 10 Movies on Cars

The Transporter

Cars play a very important part in action movies, creating the necessary adrenaline rush and helping with the plot twists. There are countless movies with expensive and vintage cars. However, there are a few movies with signature scenes and car sequences that stand out from the rest, with special effects as well as customised cars that all car enthusiasts love to watch. Here is our panel’s list of the top 10 movies on cars.

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Is Tata Motors Set to Usher in Age of Connected Cars In India?

tata 1

A recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Co found that almost 13 percent of buyers are no longer prepared to even consider a new vehicle without Internet access, and more than a quarter already prioritize connectivity over features such as engine power and fuel efficiency. However, connected car experience is a relatively novel concept for Indian automobile buyers and users.

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The 2017 Grand i10 – A step up or the same old


Hyundai’s i10, India’s top selling model since its entry in 2014, has had a facelift and the much-awaited 2017 Grand i10 has been launched. Hyundai Motors has been proactive in responding to the customer’s insights and understanding the sensibilities of the competitive automobile sector, introducing the upgraded version with stylish touches. The timing of the 2017 grand i10 launch has been planned to coincide/pre-empt the arrivals of potential models of other cars in the same segment. Considering the competition in this segment, we decided to take a thorough look to find out if Hyundai has actually come up with some radical changes or if it’s the same old version jazzed up a little.

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