Can the Volkswagen Tiguan conquer hearts?


Indians are known to have a penchant for SUVs and one of the very few automobile giants that did not have an SUV in its basket was the German company Volkswagen. But with the introduction of the new Volkswagen Tiguan into the market recently, Volkswagen aims to capture the market comfortably that has erstwhile belonged to other well-known cars.

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7 Upcoming Electric Cars


The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan of the Indian government aims to sell 6-7 million electric or hybrid cars annually by 2020. In an effort to facilitate electric car production, the government is offering tax incentives and subsidies to manufacturers.

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10 things to carry on a long road trip


Planning for a long road trip really gets the adrenaline flowing. Whether it is a road trip between two famous destinations like Visakhapatnam-Araku valley, Shimla-Manali, Chennai-Pondicherry; or just to visit relatives and friends – excitement is always at the highest level.

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10 Tips to Solve the Traffic Chaos


Most Indian cities experience mega traffic congestion problems on a daily basis. The traffic jams also lead to a variety of health, economic and environmental issues. But you can easily drive your car safely in heavy traffic by remembering some simple tips.

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Tips to write the best ad to sell your car


It is time to bid farewell to the car that has been a part of your life for the last few years. Whatever the reason for selling it maybe, it becomes imperative that you write a good quality ad for it so that you can get maximum returns from the sale of the car.

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