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The All-Terrain Jeep Compass is here

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Affordable, comfortable and stylish – these are words that do not often go together! Specially when you are talking about SUVs. The Jeep Compass is here to change that perception forever – if you want an affordable as well as a comfortable SUV that can seamlessly handle rough terrain and dirt roads, then Jeep Compass is the vehicle for you!

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Getting a Driver’s License in India – As easy as it sounds?


Although there is plenty of public transport available along with privately operated cabs for your daily commuting needs, it can be a lot more convenient to have your own private vehicle. Besides giving you much desired independence, your own car or bike can also be the fulfillment of a coveted dream. However, to be able to drive your vehicle on the roads, it is mandatory to have a driver’s license (DL) first. But how easy is it to get a DL in India? Let’s find out.

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Skoda Kodiaq: All set to dominate the Indian roads


A recent study of the Indian automobile market shows a distinct shift towards SUVs, with the domestic consumer decidedly preferring size-for-price vehicles. Thus, it is natural for car manufacturers to unleash more SUVs into the market, with the latest one in line being Kodiaq from the Czech manufacturer Skoda Auto. Expected to be launched in early October this year in the Indian market, Skoda Kodiaq will make use of Volkswagen’s MQB platform, and will thus be similar to the Volkswagen Tiguan, scheduled for a May release.

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Simplifying the complexities of car warranties


After scouring both the online and offline car marketplaces, you have now finally bought that shiny car you have always dreamed of. It is everything you wanted and more, but do you want to spend another load of cash if some mechanical damage occurs? Of course not, this is the reason most car manufacturers provide a car warranty that provides protection against costs of damage.

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10 Road Signs You May Not Know About


Traffic signs come in all shapes, sizes and colours. While we may be inclined to believe that road signs are synonymous with red, yellow and green, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The stop, watch and go signs are taught to us in our grade 3 textbooks, and as we take to driving, we understand the one-way, no parking and no U-turn signs as well.

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Le See – The Super Car!


The first connected integrated self-driving car designed by the Chinese tech conglomerate LeEco was unveiled in the USA late last year. Interestingly, the car is being showcased not as an electric car but as an ecosystem for the new era of connected mobility and LeEco’s vision of what the supercars of the future will look like. The company has collaborated with British car manufacturer Aston Martin to build a supercar which to rival Tesla’s Model S. The Le See currently has a claimed top speed of a 130 mph (209 km/h) but LeEco hopes that the model will go faster when it is rolled out in 2018.

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Cars That Go More Than 1000 Kms on a Single Tank Fuel


While buying a new car, most of us check out the fuel efficiency of the car. However, on long drives, something equally important is how much distance the car can go once filled, specially when there are long stretches of road without any petrol pumps.  Here is our list of 7 cars That go over 1000 Kilometres on a single tank refill, especially for those who love to go on long drives!

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