3 Automotive Tech Trends To Watch Out For


Technology is an incredible tool. Quite like the famed Oracle of Delphi who would give the ancient Greeks a peek into their futures, developments in technology allow us to see what lies in store for us on the path ahead. Automobiles have, for ages, been a gauge of the progress made by mankind. Right from the invention of the wheel to that of the steam engine, our history has seen revolutionary ideas been brought forth by the necessities of transport.

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Car care for summer

Row of new cars on lot

It’s summer time! Like any other machine, cars too require special attention during these scorching months. Proper care and maintenance become a prerequisite and some precautionary measures need to be taken to ensure smooth rides. The following tips would aid in a hassle free summer for your cars.

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The Curious Case of Concept Cars


There was a time when a sleek aerodynamically efficient design and an advanced engine would be enough to draw gasps of wonder from auto lovers. Well, not anymore! The idea of a concept car has moved far beyond cosmetic modifications to larger issues of saving the environment as well as a personal connect. The Concept Cars put on display at Automobile Exhibitions are packed with a lot more technology than it would seem possible in today’s time.

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The Flying Car – PAL-V


The subject of many childhood fantasies, flying cars do not belong to dreams anymore. A seemingly impossible concept is now close to reality, thanks to the marvels of Science. The Dutch company PAL-V International, set up in 2001 to create an aircraft that could also be driven on the roads, has announced the launch of its flying car – The PAL-V.

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On the Verge of Extinction: Small Diesel Cars


According to KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017, “More than every second executive believes that diesel will be the first traditional powertrain technology to vanish from manufacturers’ portfolios. This is quite alarming for several manufacturers and regions considering their expected diesel penetration rates for 2023, such as Indian manufacturers with an overall diesel share of more than 60%.

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Top 5 Affordable Car Audio Systems in India


Contrary to the scenario a few years back, when audio systems in cars were considered a luxury, today they have become must-haves. For manufacturers and buyers alike, a car without a sound system is inconceivable. In fact these days, buyers do not have to mandatorily buy the system provided by the manufacturer but can choose any system they want. So if you are shopping around for an audio system and are confused, here is our list of the top 5 affordable audio systems available in the Indian market.

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Automobile Future to Go Cleaner – Hydrogen over Carbon


With the increasing focus on a cleaner planet, auto makers have shifted their attention to a cleaner fuel – a shift has been long overdue. With gazillion vehicles on the road all day, what we forget is the effect of the crowded streets on the earth’s well-being. Gasoline, upon combustion, releases carbon monoxide which is a big contributor to global warming. High levels of carbon monoxide also lead to brain and cellular damage. Hence, across the globe there has been much clamour for a less harmful alternative to gasoline. And hydrogen has come as the proverbial knight in shining armour.

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Growth of the Used Car Industry in India

Row of new cars on lot

In the USA, the cradle of the automobile industry, for every new car sold, three pre-owned cars are sold. In Europe the ratio is 1:2. Africa and Latin America are big markets for the refurbished pre-owned cars. In comparison, India’s used car to new car ratio on the road is lower (1.3:1)  However, in just over half a decade, the used car market in India has more than doubled from about 1.4 million units in 2008-2009 to  3 million plus units in 2015 and is estimated to cross 6 million by 2019.

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Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums


As a car owner, you will have to protect your vehicle from possible disasters like road accidents, theft and injury claims with a suitable car insurance policy. While the necessity of car insurance to meet your vehicle’s liability coverage can’t be denied, you should at least try to lower its premium rate as much as possible, without compromising on the coverage. Here is a quick expert-look at the crucial factors that can affect your car insurance premiums for good or bad.

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